Methamphetamine Rehab

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Methamphetamine Rehab

The potent, unlawful drug, Methamphetamine (also known as “Tik”), is a very dangerous and addictive stimulant (upper) and may be compared to other amphetamines.  Meth is easily abused, therefore it has been listed as a Schedule II drug. This means that a person may not possess meth   without a medical prescription. There are very few known medical benefits for taking  methamphetamine and it is hardly ever prescribed by a doctor.

Meth consists of a white powder which has a sharp, bitter taste and no smell. There are various ways to use meth-it may be taken orally (swallowed), sniffed through the nose, or even injected with a needle. The drug is also often smoked and is then known as “crystal meth”. No matter which method is used, the person taking meth will experience an immediate, irresistible sense of well-being-this is one of the main reasons why meth is such a popular and widely abused drug. When a person is using meth they have extra energy with less tiredness, their enjoyment and interest in food decreases and they will generally appear happy-go-lucky with no concerns whatsoever.

The following symptoms are generally noticed in a person who is using and abusing meth:

  • Appears worried, tense and anxious
  • Higher temperature of the body with sweats not related to the person exercising
  • Extremely talkative
  • Fast movement of the eyes-the pupils are also enlarged

A person who has abused meth for quite a while will start showing changes in behavior which may include agression and, in certain cases, acts of violence. There are also noticeable physical symptoms such as sores and ulcers which appear all over the users body-this is due the dangerous chemicals that methamphetamine contains. A meth user is also known to have bad dental hygiene (known as “meth mouth”) – this is caused from smoking a methamphetamine pipe.

There are also other signs which may indicate the abuse of meth such as:

  • The user becomes paranoid, often with delusions of grandeur (taking on the world)
  • Stomach cramps and diarrhea
  • The inability to sleep properly
  • Vomiting with bouts of nausea
  • Bad smelling body odour due to poor personal hygiene
  • Body fits, shakes and tremors
  • False belief of things that do not exist(hallucinations)

It has been medically proven that the long term abuse of meth may cause permanent damage to a users body. The drug is known to increase ones heart-beat and blood pressure-this places undue pressure on the brain and may lead to sudden strokes or even heart attacks. In severe cases, with prolonged use of meth, a person may begin to experience a shortness of breath, with the inability to breathe properly-this may cause heart failure and is often also fatal. Meth is a synthetic, man-made chemical which has many dangerous and poisonous ingredients in it. This results in the user becoming addicted very quickly, in some cases after only trying the drug for the first time.

The intense feelings of euphoria a meth user experiences when starting to use the drug, soon takes hold of the person. Unfortunately, once addicted, the user will have to increase the dosage in order to get the same “high”.
After time, even this feeling will be replaced, with the person just feeling “normal”-they will need to take the drug just to cope with day-to-day living. There are so many methamphetamine addicts who bitterly regret having started using the drug-they ask themselves the same question over and over again: “Why did I even want to try Meth?”

It is during the early stages of meth use that a large amount of dopamine (a natural, feel good chemical), is transferred into the brain. After a while, this process is reversed causing the user chronic depression and other mental disorders or illnesses.

The majority of meth is produced within our own country in small, secret locations-often referred to as “meth labs”. These places are situated all over and, as a large space is not necessary, meth is often manufactured in a residential living area, sometimes in a garage. As the chemicals used are of a toxic nature, this is very dangerous to innocent persons who may, without knowing, become exposed to them.

It is strongly recommended that a person who is using or abusing meth receive professional treatment at a recognised methamphetamine rehab. An important part of meth rehab recovery is to change ones thinking. In order to recover from an addiction to meth, the patient is advised to undergo a behavioral treatment program at a methamphetamine rehab. This program will provide the person with the necessary coping skills so that he/she is able to handle any stressful situations without the fear of relapse. In-house group support sessions are also available to the recovering methamphetamine addict.

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